Eugene Starchenko


Creative technologist, consultant, entrepreneur, and good-hearted cloud fellow with years of experience in IT.


Familiar with business development, project management, web/application development, maintaining servers, security practices, workflow automation, multi-cloud computing, high-load distributed applications/architecture and ready to hit the ground running!

I consult and collaborate with different engineering & development teams helping ship their apps quickly, maintaining highly available, cost-effective container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and AWS ECS.


I like working with a trendy variety of technologies, solving real business and human problems by learning new tech tools and processes, helping startups, founders, and development teams accelerate cloud adoption..

Site Reliability Engineer | Cloud Architect | DevOps | Kubernetes | Linux | Web3 Development

I can help you with

Web3 Infrastructure | Kubernetes | AWS / Azure / GCP | MVP | IAC | Cloud Architecture | Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps) | Tech Stack Auditing | API Design and Implementation | Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery | Serverless Deployments | Incident Management | Monitoring


"Карьера в IT: Site Reliability Engineer"

"Onboarding A Consulting Group’s Development Team"